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Basic Diet Rules For Porphyrics

There are a few foods (proven) that will aggravate your porphyria:  They are called “Porphyrinogenic foods” and contain chemicals that stimulate heme synthesis, and will aggravate Porphyria.

Examples of these foods are;

• Brussels sprouts

• Broccoli

• Red grapes

• Cabbage

• Red plums

• Prunes

The Importance of Eating Regular Meals 

Porphyric should never think or allow themselves to get into a situation where they are  in a state such as that of being starved.  
The stress caused to the body, lack of glucose and dehydration will could trigger an acute Porphyria attack.
Not to mention that any body that feels starved, would cling to every gram of fat cell that enters the body, and will hang on to it for dear life!

The importance of Correct Cooking Methods

Stay clear from the wrong cooking methods , such as deep fried foods, crumbed foods or pan fried foods:  (French fries, potato crisps, such as lays/ simba, ....).  This type of cooking method will not help to maintain an ideal weight, and could cause weight gain.  It is also important to mention here that our beloved South African “Braai” (open fire cooking) can play havoc on a Porphyrics’ digestive system, as the charred bits can contribute to or act as an trigger.  

Steer clear from;

• Deep fried foods

• Crumbed foods

• Pan fried foods

• Braai / open fire / barbequed foods

Other Food Groups to Avoid

  • Soy is bad for most Porphyrics, and should be avoided as it stimulates estrogen production in the body.  Estrogen is a well-known trigger with Porphyria.

  •  Yeast is bad for a Porphyric.  Stay clear or eat moderately on foods and drinks such as Pizza, Calzone, Ginger beer, and foods / drinks that has sugar in it ….)

  • Sulpur is bad for a Porphyric.  Stay clear of as many Preservatives as possible.

  • Stay away from old fashioned table sugar - it does not work on a cellular level, and it will cause more fermentation in the body! (Avoid where you can) - rather use Glucose powder for a quick fix, or honey to flavor foods / drinks.  

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