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The Importance of Following a Healthy, Nutritional Diet & Exercise

We are grateful for the Aletta Longari for sharing her documented and well researched information, if just one person can benefit from the knowledge gained that makes it all worthwhile. The information is available as downloadable content so you can file it, print it and keep it on hand to review. - Ed


Information compiled by Aletta Longari, and overseen by a registered clinical dietitian, Kelly Scholtz.

Please note that all material reflected in these articles consists of years of research gleaned from various sources  and through my own personal experience, living with this condition as a diagnosed Variegate Porphyria patient for 23 years. I have no formal medical education, and thus the information contained in this section is based on my own experiences.  


With the help of professionals, patients, family and friends,  I have survived, learnt, documented, researched, combined information and simplified the research to get the message across with as little confusion as possible. Note that I have shared my information in good will, however, ultimately you should work with a professional in order to help you deal with Porphyria.

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