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Complimentary Therapies

What Role Can Complimentary Therapies Play In The Management Of Porphyria?

The Virtual Sound Journey 
By Laura Kartus
Subject to copyright

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Sound has often been used to help manage a variety of conditions. Sound Journeys are inner journeys guided by numerous sounds, all with varying frequencies and vibrations... each resonating with different parts of the body. These tones can lead you into a state of total relaxation & provide coping or pain management strategies. The important thing is to find a quite place to relax, where you can lean back, close your eyes with no interruptions and embark on this journey. 

Please ensure you have headphones to listen to the recording

Aromatherapy, massage and others

We look at the most common Complimentary Therapies used and how these can help manage chronic illness, including Porphyria, however the main 
focus in this presentation is on the benefits of Aromatherapy and Massage

When undertaking any form of therapy please discuss with your physician beforehand! A reputable, qualified Therapist will request authorisation or consent from yourself or your physician before treatment.

Yoga Nindra Sleep Recording coming soon

Yoga Nindra 
Sleep relaxation You tube video coming soon......


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